1. @Daveytl positive i heard them calling him a french pro numerous times

  2. The last 10 all sit at the same table… Why don’t they call THAT the final
    table? Derp.

  3. @Daveytl saut is a pro you muppet

  4. lol @ 0:18 “c’mon phil….C’mon cards”

  5. esp. 6:22 roflcopter

  6. @Daveytl you idiot, joe cada wasnt a pro you moron…..

  7. 6:17 LOL

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  9. @pRinceSsChikiZ – No doubt he caught cards, but you gotta like the guy.
    When he called that All In he actually got excited and then got kind of
    embarrassed by his excitement and quickly´╗┐ sat down…like he didn’t wanna
    show up Smith. The dude is just a class act through and through. The
    anti-Jamie Gold.

  10. lol, moon is just a very lucky player….. he’s a nice guy, but didnt
    deserve to get to the final. He had 2 major suck outs against ivey and
    begleighter last night and is in the final 2 vs Joe Cada

  11. 6:48 of course that moon was gonna hit the set….the dealer is his brother

  12. @Zurumpf it is the final table! But the November 9 are the last 9!