1. lol at the “friendly slap on the back” by beglieter i wouldda repaid with a friendly headbutt on the nose and kicked the fuck outta the twat. The french guy did well not to react coz i would have been in jail and missed the final table.

  2. @lollerz16 Ehhh, good point .

  3. @paranoid711 Trust me, I do realise that lol. Point is, he shouldn’t have raised if he was intending to fold.

  4. @lollerz16 You fail to realize that poker is an incredibly situational game and there are far too many elements in each situation you’re put in to use the words “never” or “always”.

    But for the most part, I would agree with you.

  5. @paranoid711 You should never raise with marginal strength holdings because you are neither raising for value or bluffing and it neglects the decent amount of showdown value you already have. It’s a simple poker concept. Not promoting tight play like you think.

  6. @lollerz16 with that logic, the only hand you’re “entirely sure about” is Aces. he was probably hoping he had something like KQ, AJ or A10.

  7. @NegreanuDan84 hate people poping up

  8. The raise with 77 is terrible, Why raise with a hand you’re not entirely sure is good? Awful play. Invited the shove.

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  10. “didnt you help run sterns into the ground?” OUCH!

  11. he smacked the shit out of him hahahahahaa

  12. 4:51 hahahaha he hit him!