1. esta gaija aos gritos parece uma grande puta a vaca de merda

  2. dont really get merciers jam lol, dumb squeeze or something


  3. Yes calling is a reasonable option Are you saying he has to push there against two players?

  4. its just spam, he’s not actually responding to any1..

  5. i just shark scoped ur user name it doesnt exist ! :)))) create an account before bragging 😉

  6. @karopex5701
    Rofl.. If you wanna play 1 on 1 my full tilt poker username is julin0181 :]

    And yes
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  7. DAM Mercier is awsome. I probably would have folded too in that spot the the way Mercier analyzed the hand was incredible!

  8. If daniel was really really aggresive/tired or really didn’t give a shit he would’ve won his 5th bracelet in that first hand with schulman and bansi…. with the biggest bad beat to win a bracelet of all time…. and if my calculations were right it would’ve been daniel: 7685000 vs mercier: 2360000 with around 70% more chips.. my thoughts!! so close yet sooo farrrrr daniel…

  9. memyselfandeye3

    Jason Mercier is no fish, maybe a shark called Bruce tho……..:)

  10. SurvivingTheHorizon

    A9 of spades on a board of 684 2 spades is a MONSTER flop. he can’t lead out with a bet there because if any opponent calls he’s pot committed and will just have to get it in on the turn anyway. the best play is to shove for sure making it difficult for people to call and being a flip or favorite against most calling hands save a set or AA. you can hardly call that a suckout, at least when the money gets in, its pretty much a coin toss with 12 outs.

  11. SurvivingTheHorizon

    @swiftdan8 what exactly does he do thats fishy. 2 hands, one that essentially plays itself, and the other where he tried to trap on a board of k55 (which by the way was a successful trap), and then correctly gave it up once his opponent caught. i dont get it. or are you saying he should call OOP with 77 against 2 players at a 4 handed table cuz thats just crap.

  12. @swiftdan8
    you’re obviously one of those retards who plays 0.04/0.08 $ stakes, Mercier is no close to a fish he had really good reads on other players.

  13. shulman was so lucky.he sucked out always.he moved all in to draws

  14. alexdavies1993


  15. wakillustrations

    How can u say Mercier is a fish lol? 3mill in tourny winnings n the last 18months…good one swiftdan : |

  16. wow… if Jason Mercier is a fish u have to be a fkin Poker God!!!