Pokerography – Play Poker With A Purpose

In Pokerography series of this week, Lee Davy takes a look at its ‘Not What You Sell; It’s what you Stand For: Why Every Extraordinary Business is Driven by Purpose’ by Roy Spence Jr., and he suggests to the poker players that go seeking for a purpose.

The casino Downtown Las Vegas was the place where I played poker for the first time. I had no clue I kept buying drinks on the table and was paying the waitress; it was completely unaware that it was free.

After then, the single purpose was served by the poker to make easy money.

By saying this, it does not mean that I was printing money. What I am saying is, next to a waitress or a machine, playing poker as a profession, if it is right, it is a lot easier.

After this, one day, I left the profession that had paid the bills for 20-years. Really, I felt obliged to apart myself from superiors. This time all I wanted is, to work single, but then the change needs money and freedom. And in poker I decided to find both.

That time the purpose of playing poker changed.

I wanted to win, to win so that, I could own a company, help save lives of people. The purpose gave me the motivation to succeed in the game. This was a drive, which was never felt before. I played more, studied harder; started to seeing poker as a business instead as a game – all because I started playing for the purpose.

This is not just me who did this

Philipp Gruissem is another, he was about to quit poker after reaching at the peak because by this time he had no purpose of playing poker. Eventually he founded Raising for Effective Giving (REG). He then returned to the game with a purpose.