Poker Profile – Alex Kravchenko

Being a successful businessman in Russia, Alex Kravchenko made good money and was leading a stable life till he found the means to earn great cash. He started visited local casinos in and around Moscow and started with playing blackjack. As he gained expertise and learnt the pros and cons, he changed his expertise to the level of Oasis Poker, which is a different form of Caribbean Stud. The best year for him as far as earning goes was the year 2007 in Las Vegas. Alex started earning more than his share at the casinos and started exploring new grounds.

Consistency was his virtue and got the honor of receiving his first bracelet when he won the World Series of Poker for $228,466. This was the first of many consecutive cash wins. In the Main Event, Alex beat many players, finishing in the forth position and won an astounding amount of $1,852,721. The winning streak continued and he went to London to play his first World Series of Poker in Europe and ended the tournament with a cash prize of $35,671 with the fifth position. At the end of the year, he ended with the fifth position with cash earnings of $35,671.

Alex’s total earnings from live tournaments at the end of the year were more than $3,500,000. These earnings escalated his position to the third place at the Moscow Millions. The current earnings from live tournaments in this year are more than $3,500,000, which has escalated his ranking to the third position. His ranking is second in the player’s money list. In the year 2011, he was close to winning a home event where in he ranked second at the RPS Kiev. Alex is also a great online winner. In the first World Championship of Online Poker played by him, he won a bracelet.