1. small hand + big hart = Dwan

  2. I’ve seen this video at least 10 times and every time I see it I’ve got
    goosbumps…these two players are just not human.

  3. Gabe’s introduction words were a funny presage

  4. It was actually only about $200k not 700k…

  5. It was just well timed credit to durr for bluffing at the best time. Ivey
    almost call but it was too much pressure. Maybe Patrick Antonius would have
    call based upon the potential bluff read ivey had on durr.

  6. Just incase you didn’t know, AJ on that board, on that flop even, is the

  7. i knew kids in high school who had that same look as tom D…but they were

  8. They always teach you about position… but I guess sometimes betting first
    is good if you are Durrr

  9. I’m guessing he thinks Phil has AQd or QJd. Or even one of those hands
    without diamonds.

  10. people saying durrr, ivey are not human etc. this hand to them is no bigger
    then like an $80 pot in a $10 buyin game. they play so well because they
    never play scared money

  11. dislike from me

  12. I think one day phil ivey will be able to represent the nutz with a huge
    all-in over the top of a river bet like this.

  13. @AwollSGF I love how you have no idea what youre saying

  14. Second sickest for me, after Trickett rivered quad 3’s against Rast’s nut

  15. by folding he lost the $700,000 he would have had if he had called. So both
    statements are correct in their own way.

  16. consideration of the call for sure…dwans arsenal is full of bluffs, not
    saying it was an easy bluff, but i think he’s used to that.

  17. What a fucking stupid title. Ivey was taken for 200K. Not 700.

  18. ” What’s wrong with your eyes?” haha eli

  19. every time i m watching this video, i am expecting ivey to call…

  20. “I can’t beat nothing…except for that”

  21. check out phil at 7:50 hes really out of his line, what a incredible
    display of skill by ivey, i think that was one of the most important hands
    for him

  22. he didn’t pwn him for 700 000, noob. only 340 000

  23. No, it’s sick because they are betting so high with pure bluff.

  24. I so wish Ivey called this, would of been the best call in history!

  25. @Akilles047 Actually it was 200 000ish! Noob.