Jerry Yang- A Brief History

Very professional games are still prevalent, where one such game which attracts other’s attention is always Poker. Poker game is something which is to be handled with talent, as the game is something differently handled, above all. Jerry Yang is a very much professional Poker player who is an ethnic Hmong player from Temecula, California. Jerry Yang was born in 1967, who is a Chinese player. He is best known for his winning of bracelet in the year 2007 World Series of Poker. Being an ethnic Hmong, Yang escaped to Thailand where he spent off 4 years, due to the communist who engaged in taking charge of the place in early 1970’s.

The Shadow:
Later, he achieved holding a Master’s degree from Loma Linda University in the field of Health Psychology. Having a much known career from where his studies lead him so, Yang worked as a psychotherapist and as a social worker too. Playing the game Poker started himself in 2005. Being a very amateur player, Yang entered the 2007 Series of Poker. But in his earlier days, Yang played many tournaments. Also, Yang had made four cashes in local California events. Yang had a different technique of handling his game, which is a highlight of his playing.

Being nicknamed as The Shadow, Yang successfully turned playing professionally, where he led his career by playing Poker games. Turning married Yang has 6 children. The year 2007 brought in much success to him, where Yang achieved his first bracelet in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Meeting Tuan Lam in the final table at the Heads Up battle, Yang very successfully won the game. It was a 12 hours final table. Being a philanthropist, Yang agreed of sharing his 10% of winning money to the three charities namely, Feed the Children, Make a Wish foundation and Ronald McDonald House.