Is Video Poker Easier Than Texas Hold ’em?

There are a lot of different variations of Poker, but when it comes to getting to know the game in a real casino environment there are really two main options for you. Both are excellent ways to get into the game, but there are differences in the play style and the rules themselves that will set the two games apart.

Texas Hold ’em is the variety of Poker that is played in television tournaments and in most casinos now, and even on sites such as, thanks to the popularity it has gained from being part of the TV schedule for over a decade now. The players each get two cards, called Hole cards, and then during play a further five cards are dealt into the centre of the table; these are called community cards. The aim is to make the highest hand from the cards in the centre and the cards in your hand. This version can lead to some very competitive and tense games and can sometimes result in people falling in love with poker or giving the game up altogether.

A far more sedate, but no less exciting version of the game is Five Card Draw. If you have ever played on a video poker machine in a casino then you have played Five Card Draw. You are dealt five cards and as the hand progresses you get a chance to trade in any or all of your cards.

On a video poker machine it’s a much easier game since you are only playing against the machine and any ranked hand above a pair is a win. The prize you will win is determined by the odds of the hand you won with, so a pair will get considerably less prize money than a straight flush.