Farzad Bonyadi

Born in Iran, Farzad Bonyadi had poker in his blood. His growing years saw him playing more with cards than with toys. His grandfather, his close relatives and even his neighbors had a passion for the game and this is where he leant the tricks of the trade. Starting from his childhood, he watched everybody play the game of poker and developed a passion for the game. This took him a long way and ensured that he kept his love for the game intact. This was to become his full time career and a means of increasing his bankroll. His formative years gave him the training which no institute could provide and which no other person could teach him.

Though he took up various odds and ends as jobs, his heart was set to the game of poker. This is why though he was an excellent worker, his heart could not accept the fact that he could do any other work except play the game of poker. It was when he started online games that he realized that he could actually make a winning from the game. Once he was into it full time, he quit whatever he was doing and decided to spend his time on the game.

From one live tournament to another, he left his mark and this made him one of the most sought after players of the arena. Making money became is forte and his career as a professional poker player took off with great style. He love for the game was reflected in his wins and this showed that he could play with any player and still leave his mark. He learnt the tricks from various famous players and this was a great help in ensuring that he could win as and when he wanted to.