Dabur’s Vice Chairman Amit Burman Bet On Poker

Amit Burman, Dabur vice-chairman, the co-founder of the Poker Sports League will soon appear on TV

His appearance made publicly announced by sources like stickers on different places, hoardings on metros and after that television broadcasts informed people about his upcoming appearance. This leads to increase popularity of Poker amongst mainstream in India.

The poker tournaments attract players with a huge amount of winning amount in crores. Vice-chairman of the Ayurvedic product, Amit Burman, specialists Dabur India, invested hugely in the upcoming poker league in India. The Poker Sports League (PSL) began last year and the two seasons have increased the prize money up to Rs 3.6 crores. In addition, to increase in prize money, this year the league has created 12 teams. It is to note that last year there were none teams. All the teams have to go through the auction and franchise will be given to main bidder. The most attractive part is that league owners have inked the car with national sportscaster, DSport, to air the poker sports championship on Television. This is happening for the first time that Indian poker league will be broadcasted National TV.

Amit Burman plays Poker little bit. The co-founders of the league would be Amit Burman, Pranav Bagai, and Anuj Gupta. The brand ambassador for the game will be Viswanathan Anand, the known chess player of India. The owners of the league will be tied up with so many service providers which lead to live broadcast on Television.

Media is the best way to generate the revenue for the upcoming Poker League. It is believed that this league will bring yield far-fetching results. The league will collect in dollars from various media partners.

It is believed that immense of the brands will buy Poker Sports.