Asthon Griffin- A Poker Player With Incredible Personality

Asthon Griffin is mostly popular as Ashman 103 in online games. His fierce game playing style has made him popular among the poker world.  Taking small stakes, he started his poker career with his sister and mother. At the initial stage, playing few games, he understood that he had only 200 dollar left in his account but he never lost his hope and within a month, he took this money to as many as ten thousand dollar. Getting such huge success in the initial stage of his career, he took the decision to quit school so that he can be more focused on online poker games.

With his fierce gaming style, he earned one million dollar within August 2008. But he lost most of his money within a week. In such a situation, most players blame on his bad luck but Ashton Griffin has an all together different personality. He admitted his fault and said that due to his ego and shot selection, he was in such a situation. His career has a lot of ups and downs. After battling back from such a traumatic position, he again won 500K dollar but again faced a loss of $400K in one event. But within a month, he again won $600K and from then he started the dream run of his career and won back to tournaments and within a whisker, he was back in the top again.

Though he has got many successes in his early career still he has much less exposures of live tournaments. He reached the final table in Poker Tour of Latin America in 2008 and after that he held the 7th position in Costa Rica with a win of 28k dollar. In recent times, he got one of the biggest win in his career in North American Poker Tour with a winning prize of 560K dollar. He is truly an incredible player and will see more of him in coming years.