Antoine Saout

Antoine Saout is a professional poker player from France. He was born in the town of Morlaix in France in the year 1984. It is a general believe that good poker players generally hail from regions were poker is very popular so that they can be inducted into the world of poker at a very early age. Antoine Saout broke all those myths by becoming one of the most successful poker players at present. He came from a good family and he completed his education in France. He was always very bright and excelled in his academic career. Mathematics was always his stronghold and he has used his hold on math to excel in the world of poker as well. He picked up the game much later in life and at first played it casually. Later he became more interested in the game as it needed a fair bit of application of his keen and perceptive mind. He became fascinated by the game and entered in many local tournaments and won quite a few of them. He slowly became famous and he wanted to try his skills in the big stakes.

Antoine Saout started playing the online versions of the game and was very successful. Slowly he began o participate in games with higher stakes and soon he became famous in the world of poker, he was then very young but people started taking him seriously because of his achievements. Then he turned professional and took part in various poker events across the world and stated making some serious money. Then he became a part of the famous November Nine team and started participating in many high stake tournaments especially in the U.S.

His first significant victory was at the Spanish tournament at Marbella where he finished in the final table then he actually went on to win the tournament and won a huge prize money despite the fact that the tournaments played host to some of the biggest names in European poker. This victory was a tremendous boost for Antoine Saout and he has not looked back since then. He played the World Series of Poker and also made it to the final table in the year 2008. He also had a gear finish in the European World Series and became quite popular among poker fans. he has already made a whopping 20 million USD in career earnings and he is still just 27 years old

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