1. what a stupid CALL

  2. @curuzu He truly did.

  3. 3-handed, blind vs blind, 40BB smallest stack , great 4-bet re-bluff spot.
    this is not crazy.

  4. @HashUurr How much money have you made from poker?

  5. it was cada’s time to win,cada’s tournament.to win the wsop you definetely need a lot of luck.and he deserved it.he was the first among 6.494 players.so,it isn’t just luck…

  6. And no respect for Saout, look at the way he celebrates his donk lucky play when he hits 1 of his 2 outs

  7. Play all his tournament on a pocket 2 AHAHAHA DONK you re just lucky to win and a bad player

  8. JOE cada = DONK

  9. Look how the cocksuckers celebrating..

  10. @fabio05cannavaro

    40+ big blind shove with 22 facing a 3 bet from the BB, i dont think it’s that standard. Why not 4 bet fold or maybe even flat… going allin is easily the worst of his options

  11. I hate people who celebrate a suckout

  12. Cada —> What a fuckin donk !!! all in everytime someone raises him back ! damn !

  13. Geez, I don’t agree with that all in from Cada, you know you’ve only got two outs to make trips in that kind of a situation, he got lucky.

  14. such a standard play… I don’t understand why people are going crazy over this hand… yeah, we know he got lucky, so what?

  15. lol moon folded a straight

  16. everyone’s a poker expert on youtube.

  17. @KenMcGormick are you seriously telling me you never 3bet with KQ or worse three-handed? Woah dude, it sounds like you really need to open up your 3betting range. Top players today will 3bet with a waaaay wider range than that in the right circumstances.

    Any raise commits Cada to the pot. If he 4bets to like 12million then folds, it’s ridiculously spewy. It’s not as cut and dry as risking 39million to get 5million either. If he gets called by AK/AQ, he’s a slight favourite to double up.

  18. I don’t care if you are only 3, a pre-flop all in with 2 2 a fish moov, just the worst main event winner ever …

  19. i think PHIL IVeyDESERVED 2 WIN

  20. @Tembath29 and risking 39 million to get 5 million is just a great play. no one is going to 3 bet with KQ. and if cada was repping aces or kings or jacks or wutever… by doing a huge over bet just looks like a bluff. he clearly just lost his cool at this final table but got lucky.Cada is the worst player i dont care what ppl says. u would never see any of the top pro make this play. never… just think if ivey would ever do this.. not in a million year. that is bad poker and 100% suck out.

  21. well if Darvin Moon had gone crazy too at this hand… it would end right there…

  22. It’s very easy for you to all say how bad this shove was by Cada. I agree with prestoneable. This is three-handed on the final table. Saout might be tight but no good player has a range as narrow as pairs and AJ+ to three-bet pre here. If anything Cada was unlucky to run into the top of Saout’s range. Folding 22 there would be ridiculous and shoving it was fine as he had a ton of fold equity. If Saout had KQ (which he could just have easily as done) you’d all be saying what a good move it was.

  23. @mrprestoneable Regardless of what Saout had, Cada knew his best case scenario was a 50/50 shot to double up.. would you take a coin flip to risk getting knocked out of the tournament ? With so much money on the line it would of been smarter to pass on the coin flip and put yourself in a situation where you have a better statistical advantage to win a pot. Let alone not get knocked out of the tournament.

  24. Anyone who would fold/not push ANY pocket pair here has no idea what they’re doing. Or at least has never made it to a final table.

  25. @kokai5 you are one dumb mother sucka. apparently for someone to be a worthy poker champion they must never suck out. tell that to doyle brunson or phil ivey, because they’ve obviously never sucked out on someone.. oh wait… they’ve most likely had just as huge of suck outs in every bracelet-winning tournament they’ve ever played in.