1. What a GREAT fold. GOGO fraaaaaance

  2. that min-raise on the flop made me feel ill =/

  3. omg @ mama buckman’s face

  4. great 3-bet lol

  5. Obviously saout ‘ got a read on buchmans hip stack’ lol stupid comment

  6. shutup nerds

  7. lol. they both played this so badly. must be nice to run good

  8. @Mr81points most fish will never learn no matter what you say to them

  9. mama fuckman

  10. the 3bet by saout was standard and not a bad play at all. his original bet was fast and made him look kinda weakish and he was only facing a min raise which you don’t get enough information on and allowed him to aquire more information to help fold his hand which was pretty strong on a super dry board like that.

  11. Very well played. With that final raise, that will give him information if he’s run into a
    Set. Also he doesn’t wanna run into 2 pair, can’t risk it.

  12. stop teaching the fish u fucking idiots stfu.

  13. @STMotorsportTube buchmanns 4 bet was ok as it was for value and he did not plan to fold and he was out of position.
    Sout’s 3 bet was bet as it was bet for information which he could do with 84, no difference. It was betteer to call to take a free card (might be a Q or T). It would cost less for him the 3bet.

  14. @tarzaniac9 or a set……………with Q10 he could only beat a bluff

  15. Totally pointless 3 bet there from saout lol (as well as buchmanns 4bet)

  16. I bet Saut put him on Ace 10

  17. only great play we could see at this final table
    and just after that, mr.chipleader mmoves allin with AQ vs AK tchhhh