1. Darwin Goon the WSOP donk

  2. Saout and ivy easily the strongest

  3. @Iamwatchingyou75 I figured If he was that strong he would have pushed all in over me

  4. What did Moon say @ 2:11.

  5. That all in made it sound like his balls just dropped that second. lol

  6. saout is such a boss

  7. Darvin Moon only has one gear, all in is the only thing this guy knows. He did it constantly throughout the final table, doubling up his opponents.

  8. @gnreno777 So tell us how did it feel coming second in the main event mr. snobby fucking pro

  9. @gnreno777 nah he’s pro

  10. what a bad move…

  11. 2:10

    “Not sure if Phil is agreeing or just trying to move the conversation along…”


  12. Moon is the worst poker player ever

  13. “le blouff” ; “le nuts” ; ” avoid a cinq ” LOL


  15. it must be amazing to be at that table and listen to the crowd go “OOOOOW” when a card comes. please god let me be there once and my life will be complete

  16. Worst bluff ever…

    Saout has like 3m left after that raise, what do you think he’ll do, fold??

  17. “Le blouff” lol

  18. the most idiotic bluff on tv

  19. man hes so bad its embarrassing to watch.

  20. @mt1221 But he is millionare….and you dont…. moron

  21. this hand proves Moon is just an idiot

  22. lol instacall

  23. what a donk Moon.

  24. haha, pretty unconfident “All in”. 😀