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  2. hard to swallow the raise Antonio ?

  3. hey, im playing poker for 4 years on pokerstars but i dont have money to play with so plz donate to ‘darlinet’ to start me off plz : )

  4. @krazyazn208 he did get UL

  5. UTubeCommentsAreLOL

    begleiter? you’re a fucking idiot and u know nothing about poker.

  6. @krazyazn208 dont diss ivey like that

  7. @desperados700 because he’s a french? So he is the worst.

  8. that donkbet from Antonio, was literally a donkbet!!

  9. @krazyazn208 because hes a french 😉

  10. @krazyazn208 Better than Phil Ivey?

  11. Shouldn’t of donk bet Antonio

  12. @bomberboi200 He played better than Ivey on the final table and he was crazy unlucky not to win it.

  13. Saout and Begleiter the best players on wsop 2009

  14. Description says 3.215 M pot …. lol 1.8 M of it was his own chips when he bet it and Esfandiari folded …

  15. everyone is a poker expert on youtube

  16. @krazyazn208 i think u are forgetting the best player on the world

  17. oh wow… one youtuber disliking this clip?

    must be antonio 😛

  18. @bomberboi200 of course not, almost everyone votes ivey as the best in the world, so he automatically is the best. saout was 2nd best of the final table. just got unlucky and i believe he shouldve won the whole thing

  19. @krazyazn208
    are you saying he’s better than ivey?

  20. @kemodee1382
    Rofl.. can we play tomorrow my FTP ID = hubama3885 =D

    And its been confirmed
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  21. @krazyazn208 …ivey?

  22. @johnsull66 because ur probably used to all-in preflops, while what you have here is real poker.

  23. saout the best of the final table

  24. STMotorsportTube

    donkbetting (atleast in HU pots) is impossible to balance, most reaction to any donkbet for the first time in HU pots=>raise

  25. @el1407 Yeah, maybe you’re right. It was a good read but a sub-optimal play.