1. two geat players on final table 2009

  2. @martysparty2042 u need to learn your poker terms again. suckout means coming from behind to win after players are all in. how is 50-50 a suckout? just because he has a pair doesnt mean he’s ahead, that’s just a shallow way to look at it.

  3. to those who say begleiter made a good/great call: it wasn’t a good call, rather he was playing hope-poker (“please let me be ahead, please let me be ahead”)

  4. @martysparty2042 that is not see the percentages it is 50-50 so its a coinflip
    Begleiter had just a pair of 8. Good call anyway but no suckout

  5. But yeah this was a fairly easy call for Begleiter (he had 2.5:1 odds, 15 millions to win a 37ish millions pot, but he was behind saouts range, either 3:1 dog or flipping, but was obliged to call because of odds)

  6. LOL that was not a suckout, that was a flip and begleiter call is very loose, he is crushed by saout’s range, only flip against Saout flush draws + 2 overcards, and he has about 25% equity against Saout’s overpairs (his call preflop with 87s against a better player was very borderline with those stacks sizes btw)

    Saying this was a suckout = saying that QJhh sucks out against ATss on a T93hh board (QJ of hearts has more equity than top pair on this board)

  7. @Anonomousxxx Yes it was. Begleiter got all his money in with the best hand and ended up losing. That is by definition a suckout.

  8. @martysparty2042 lol that was not suckout

  9. The Frenchmen always suckout

  10. wow nice call by begs…I would never have called that…