1. @Zao911 hahaha LOL….

  2. 1 dislike.. should be buchman

  3. @Zao911 “you call?” – buchman

  4. @Zao911 “you call?” – buchhan

  5. Old ugly hag

  6. 2 Guys played very well that year, Saout and Begleiter… But Moon and Cada were very, veeeeeeery Lucky in 2009.
    Pair of donkeys….

  7. @crcrulez i agree

  8. Antoine Saout was the best that year

  9. “i curl”

  10. Ai köl

  11. its really stupid how they return to coverage in the middle of a hand, as if the ft was being shown on tv live..fuck wsop and it’s shitty coverage of the main event.

  12. Bad play by buchman.. I think.

  13. Hate the way Buchman always goes on as if he is the unluckiest man on earth. ‘I never win these’ etc etc. ‘I am so harshly treated’ blah blah. Shut it. You got to the final table and won more money than most ever will.

  14. @Eeeropoika Yeah sure, Eric had one more outer after the flop, but also he only had two cards to come to catch his Jack, compared to preflop where he had five cards to catch his Queen. So the odds was favorable to Saout after the flop.

  15. he was such a good boy … and then he started to gamble :/ lol

  16. @tehbronzeh He slowplays AA well but go all in with AQ. Very stupid player. then make all in with A5 against lucky Moon man.

  17. Buchman played so bad at the final table.

  18. yeah i suppose. but it’s better than a flop with a Q and no K. Like the one ivey got

  19. I don’t know why they cheer for that flop, Saout now has to dodge 4 cards instead of 3 basically as it was before the flop.