1. saout got great value on that hand

  2. UTubeCommentsAreLOL

    would have been so nice if kopp played his 48 and doubled saout up

  3. LMAO at 1:47 >> AU REVOIR BEG’S !

  4. Au revoir Begs !

  5. This is the guy who deserved to be the main event champion not that punk Cada!

  6. @vanstess1614
    Ok sir. I can spare 30$ my FTP name is suscopa4706 =)

    And yep
    I seen players talking on their facebook walls about how ya should create an account usin the bonus code SPECIALS at the Full Tilt web site.
    Its a great promotional special offer. They will double your 1st deposit in addition to a couple other amazing perks. Sucks but its limited to the first couple thousand players that sign up using this

  7. imagine the guy with 8 4 of spades called, brilliant flop excellent turn lol

  8. @tryss Amen to that!

  9. @tryss and jeff shulman

  10. As a frenchman I like the way norman pronounce Oulala and au revoir ! Well played mr Saout !

  11. saout and ivey were the most solid players in the final table

  12. well played sout. right action right call right raise. You looked a little too excited pushing those chips but who am i to judge. i would have been excited too =)

  13. ulalá!