1. See the gandering sway he does with 7-7.. perfect! Made it look like he had A-A! 0:32

  2. If Saout had AA KK or QQ Ivey would be a fking hero…

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  4. Antoine definitely deserved to win on that final table …. fuckin Cada and his pair of 2 !

  5. SAOUT played fucking amazing, sad he didnt win! great pokerplayer

  6. @mmnmnmmmnmmn

    +10000 Block theory, by this raise Saout forces Ivey to play for stacks, Ivey’s stack is not deep enough to call and play postflop out of position so he has to shove if he thinks Saout can 3bet bluff or if Saout has 3bet him with a merged but value range like TT+,AQ+ and will call with this whole range (JJ has 47% equity against TT+,AQ+).
    If he thinks Saout can only 3bet him with AK,QQ+ he has to fold (since JJ has only 36% equity against QQ+,AK)

  7. jackass misread it

  8. What a joke (bit.ly/PriscillaPlaysPoker)

  9. This is only not a snap shove because of how obvious it is that it should be a snap shove. Raise utg = strong, 3 bet someone who raises utg with a short stack = mega strong.

  10. wow rarely to see some1 movin ivey out of a pot with a decent hand… good job by sauot

  11. Jacks not worth $4M, and Phil knew it
    Jacks are for jackasses

  12. @Izaak247 you couldnt be more wrong first of all saout is not bluffing there is only 7 hands that have him beat pre flop he just didn’t think ivey was as strong as he was… secondly when ivey stares him down saout doesn’t look down signaly uncomfort he takes his chips and places them infront of him signaly comfort, strenght and basicaly saying he will call ivey’s push.. ivey probaly thought he was against a range between AQ-AA and he didn’t want a raise or to be dominated its not a bad play

  13. I’m not being arrogant but Ivey should of read that saout was bluffing as when Ivey stared him down if you watch saout he looks down away from Ivey signaling that he is uncomfortable. Though it was probably saouts image that wn this pot..

  14. sauot is a effing donk…so what he reraises him…big deal…foreigners are donks…terrible.

  15. saout is a very very good player… solid and aggressive

  16. also i really hate when people count the money they bet preflop as money they won when they get the other person to fold without seeing a flop. the french guys stack increased by 2.35M not 6.4M.

  17. yeah i guess it was techincally a misread but would you really want to risk your whole stack with pocket JJ? whatever he does there he is basically going to commit all his chips. either he go all in there or call see a flop and be forced to call the sure continuation bet.

  18. “Im Phil Ivey he can just make that re-raise to me with a monstruos hand!”

  19. fucking french!

  20. @Spades12321 easily the best two players at the final table

  21. These two should have been heads up.

  22. @alexnzxVersion2 well spotted, i might have to take back what i said after you put me in my place

  23. he just thought I want to outplay him, make him fold his AQ, JJ or the range he has.

  24. @91Holdem therefore he has 8 bracelets and you have none lol

  25. I wouldnt of folded…there for i am better than ivey 🙂