Antoine Saout – November Nine 2009

Antoine Saout is a non US player from France who secured third position in World Series of poker November nine 2009 main event. He was able to finish the game with 3 million cash prize at the last. In 2009 WSOP, he was just 25 years old. It was his first experience with no poker history at all. He started playing poker just 18 months back and he secured his seat at WSOP 2009 on Internet. He is also an Everest poker player and multiple websites are sharing his personal experiences how he managed to get enter in WSOP 2009. How he achieve the success in such a short time span?

His story was really remarkable and inspiring for your poker players. It was not easy for Antoine Saout to secured third position in WSOP 2009.He made struggle and played hard against skilled poker players. At last he was able to manage his win at the final table. For the last three days, he was playing at unbelievable position against his opponents. The most common from his opponent is Phil Ivey. You can check his history and background over web.

The primary weapon for Antoine Saout is his observation power. He is able to observe the people around himself. He also knows how to manage his aggression and how to play unpredictably against skilled players. If your play is predictable then it becomes quite easy for other players to beat you. You should know how to manage your facial expressions to become a champion.

It s easy to become a winner but it takes little bit of everything to become a great player. You should be skilled, cunning, calm, and mathematically strong. When all elements are blend together in a perfect ration then it is easy for you to become a great player. You can also check the history of past players and personal experience for better gaming experience.