Ankush Mandavia is a Good Professional Poker Player

Ankush Mandavia is a profession poker player.

He is an Indian origin poker player but he is born and brought up in Atlanta, GA, United States. He opts for poker as his profession at a really young age and he wants to be one of the finest poker players. He is a full time professional poker player.

He is a very passionate and a confident poker player. He plays each and every game with Great Spirit and enthusiasm. He always come to the game with the winning spirit and always comes with the aim of winning the game no matter whether he wins or lose the game he always has a positive attitude and never weakens himself he always have a positive attitude and maintains a very friendly relationship with the opponent players. He has 9380 unique views these many people talk about him and his unique playing techniques. His total live earnings are $67935 this is a good amount that the player has won and he also wants to earn more and be one of the best poker players.

His best live earnings are $89053 this is one of the best and the toughest games that this player has played in his poker career. He ranks at the 1045th position in the united statesall-time money. He ranks at the Georgia USA all-time money list. He ranks at the 1885th position in the all-time money list best rankings.

He ranks at the 1826th position in the United States all time us money best rankings. In the global poker ranking index, he ranks at the 1883rd position. He ranks at the 148th in the global poker index rankings. This is every young and a rising star of the poker game but he is not completely satisfied he wants to earn more and be one of the finest poker players in the poker tournaments.