Andrew Chen: A Player from Mississauga

He is kind of shy personality. He has started his playing poker as professionally in 2009 and from when he started playing he has achieved a lot and in 2014, he played outstanding and he has played very well in his career. Total career winnings were $4,461,626.

Career title was 3, career cash was 98. In 2015 he has been placed at 460th place in poker player of the year in this he won 320 points. His career growth is very smoothly done he was top level in 2014 in this year he is at middle but he is trying to increase his performance and will achieve is target in this year.

He has played in all the series of the poker. In world series of poker total winnings was $459,178, total cashes won was 7. He has went to 1 final table in this series. He has not won any bracelet in World Series of poker. In European poker tour he has won $1,242,791 winnings, 6 cashes was won by him in this series, he has went through 3 final tables in this series. And he has won 1 championship in this series. He has not played yet in world poker tour.

He has won $63,022 in poker player of the year. Recently he has played on 28th march 2015, the game type was No Limit Hold’Em six max which was played in European poker tour he was placed at 6th place in this series and gained 96 points. His top cashes was played by him on 12th April 2012 the series was European poker tour and it was main event of this series he was placed at 2nd rank in this series and gain $801,391 and gain points were 1520. Total entries were in this series were 745.