A Seat Winner On Everest Poker

Antoine Saout is renovated for his imperial winnings on the seat of Everest Poker an official commander or sponsor of World Series of Poker. Antoine Saout is signed up for the independent site of the poker game in 2009 August. Everest Poker doesn’t acknowledge to the United State Players but Antoine Saout was the merely player on the final table which is donning the logo of Non-United State facing website.

The intensive range of this grand personality of poker world has come from the Saint Martin Des Champs of France and he was only the one of two none born United State in the championship of World Series of Poker of 2009 November Nine Main Event. But when the cards hit on the air at seventh Nevember, Antoine Saout on the track of short stacks on the table with an eye-catching amount of $9.5 million in the chips, however he substantially finished the third place for a huge winning of 3.5 million out of $9.5 million.

This twenty five year old Frenchman Antoine Saout was exploring his skills in his 1st ever World Series of Poker in 2005 in which he documented the major live cashes. Antoine Saout has been started to play the poker since 18 months above and won the seat in World Series of Poker in 2009 Main Event through the internet for a $50 satellite on his Everest Poker Seat. Various kinds of online poker site are now sharing the moments of his success in that Antoine Saout is enjoying the pleasure of his winnings. He is among the Everest Poker players who have made the record of sharing the huge amount of $1 million in November Nine which is fractioned into the grand portion as $19,000 per player.