1. He deserved to win the title, but Cada was so f3ckin lucky. He a very good poker player, without expression

  2. completely agree with all that been said
    this guy is so much in control like he dont feel any pressure ..a genuine poker player

  3. saout = the man

  4. he cant stop looking at her boobs at the beginning thats funny

  5. He sould have won the main event! Cada did not deserve it, what a luck against every opponent! Always coming from behind! Moon and Cada were the 2 weakest players and they won, crazy!

  6. Followed it live on bluffmagazine.

  7. whwere did u see it brother?
    please reply asap

  8. at 1:22 … she is ready. Antoine, you shoud have collected that fresh giggling pot. Poker is poker, women are women. 🙂

  9. Fuck Cada! Saout is my 2009 wsop main event champ.

  10. After Ivey was out, Saout deserved to win that thing.

  11. Damn…. that girl makes is making me believe I may get laid just cause of my accent =)

  12. His English is so cute ! xD Fortunately I understand his french u_u

  13. This guys the real deal!

  14. What is about the Moon ur impressed with? his luck?

  15. Ca a été extraordinaire de suivre cette finale que tu as dominée de bout en bout. Quelle déception à la fin mais quelle performance tu as accomplie!!!

    Bravo!! Ce n’est que le début!!

  16. I felt like I was about to vomit when his Q-Q got cracked, and then went out. Was hoping for Saout vs Ivey in the HU, but wth, it’s poker. Happends…

  17. J’ai suivi toute la finale sur le CP et franchement je suis épaté de la finale qu’il a faite. Car il est parti très short et il a marché sur cette FT.

    VGG a toi Antoine et je suis encore degouté des deux derniers coups ou Cada chatte son 2 et son K… (mm si pour ce derniere coup je ne sais pas si j’aurai tt envoyé avec 88 et 40BB mais c’est peut etre la fatigue ou le bad beat juste avant.)

  18. Say u have AA against KK. U know that u are ahead w AA, but 18% of the time u will lose. Its like throwing the dice and know u gonna lose if the 6 or 5 hits. Its a fair race w 22 against AK, so I dont think that its such a bad play 5, 4, or three handed. Good luck to the final two. Im especially impressed w Moon.

    Great final table results

  19. This has been an extremely exiting final table. I think they all went in good and played well. Moon made a small error in the beginning but fixed it moments later. All in all, everybody knows that u can get sucked out when u play pre flop poker for 19 hours like theese guys.

  20. Saout played 100% awesome.

    Now Cada, who has this love of shoving with baby pocket pairs, he got all in with 33 against an over pair and hit a 3, then 22 to hit a 2.


    Along with Moon, who has been overplaying his hands so much itsnot even funny..AQ to beat Ivey”s AK, and AQ again to take Begleiter’s QQ.

    Horrible final table results

  21. Sorry you lost that hand Antoine. Was hoping for Buchman v Saout heads-up, unfortunately it’s luckbox #1 Cada against luckbox #2 Moon. Terrible final table all round.

  22. Well….QQ vs 22…Cant help but feel sorry for the guy, Definately played better poker than the other 2. Now it will take ages for those 2 luckers to finish…Harsh 🙁

  23. RIGGED imo

  24. Vraiment dommage se K à la river…. Cada à vraiment eu d’la chatte