1. Bon, j’ai le niveau en anglais, me reste à ameliorer mon poker!

  2. did he smoked anything?

  3. ca ma fait marrer mdr, mais j’aurais été pareil 😮

  4. lol t’étais bourré cette fois ci ou koi? va faloir me reviser cet accent c’est lamentable pour un joueur de ton nivo…sinon BRAVOOOOOOOOO exellente perf…tu va faire des petits c’est sur..continu a DONF

  5. fucking RIVER”!!!!!!!! go SAOUT!

  6. this gentleman should won, hes amazing

  7. french are the worst english speakers haha …
    ul for saout …unbealivably unlucky set

  8. i freakin’ lol’d.

  9. VaVaVoom!!

  10. We don’t care about your english Antoine!! You’re now of of the best player in the world!!

  11. Saout shouldve won

  12. Guys, be easy on him, he is french, he is not supposed to speak good English. He was the best on final table, and one of the most charismatic players at this WSOP. Had bad beat, even worse knockout than Iveys.

  13. come on cada

  14. Actually He should of won, but He got two outed by a donk named Cada. If Cada wins, Poker has officially jumped the fucking shark.

  15. This guy played the best out of everyone at the final table.
    Unbelievable bad beat(s) to take him out.

  16. Guy looks like he’s talking to someone who just woke him up ringing the doorbell…

  17. he now will be able to pay for some english course.

  18. Sounds like he’s eating peanut butter.XD

  19. Watching’ fly’s fuck is more exciting then listening to this guy attempt to speak english.

  20. J’espère qu”il joue mieux au POKER qu”il ne parle Anglais…..

  21. aal pipel


  22. an ze ze ze uh ze and ze uh uh ze

  23. this guy will go out 1st

  24. ROFL !
    Et il a réussi à placer un Patrick Bruel dedans. lol

  25. So amaizi 🙂