• WSOP ME 2009 – Episode 26 of 26

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  • Barny Boatman a professional poker player

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    Barny Boatman was born in England. Barny Boatman is a professional player of poker. Barny Boatman won one bracelet in WSOP poker tournaments. He cashed 30 times in WSOP events. Barny Boatman cashed 5 times in World poker tour tournaments. He reached to final table only one time in European poker tour and he cashed 7 times in European poker tour events. In 2014his total tournament winning becomes more than $2, 805, 381. Barny Boatman reached to 2nd place in British poker tour tournament and earned cash prize of $76, 243 in that event. He earned 28th place in WSOP Omaha event of 2008 and won cash prize of $16, 849 in that event. Barny Boatmanwon Heat 2 poker million events in 2008.

    He earned 28th place in Aussie Million poker event of 2009 and he earned $71, 037 in that event. Barny Boatman finished in 33rd place of $25, 000 Hold’em event and earned cash prize of $40, 855 in that event. He earned 6th place in WSOP Shootout Hold’em event of 2009 and he got cash prize of $16, 739. Barny Boatman reached to 4th place in High Roller poker tournament of 2009 and won cash prize of $60, 443. He earned 3rd place In Full Tilt poker event of 2009 and won cash prize of $22, 575 in that event.

    Barny Boatman won total 8 cash prizes in different poker events of 2009. Barny Boatman won Heat 3 poker tournament in 2010 and he earned cash prize of $90, 000 In that event. He earned 13th place in WSOP Main event of 2010 cash and cash prize of $65, 493 in that event. Barny Boatman reached to 2nd place in Aussie Millions poker tournament of 2011. He earned 4th place in Full Tilt Aussie Millions poker tournament and won cash prize of $49, 451 in that event. Barny Boatman earned 9 cash prizes in various poker tournaments of 2011. Barny Boatman won Bounty Hold’em event in 2012 and earned cash prize of $7, 616.

  • World Series of Poker Europe – WSOP Europe 2009 Ep09 Pt05

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  • Darvin Moon-Poker being a runner

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    Do you think a game like Poker? It can be any choice of a game to do so. When you plan for a game to make a little move to spend the qualitative time of yours, you can really choose the game Poker. This can be greatly played by the fantastic players yet the few players in the list can turn as a poker professional by making their choice a right one. The choice of poker is meant to be right when you have actually learnt the tactics and also the rules in the sense, when the game is concerned, it can be the management of the cards rightly.

    He is an American poker and he was a runner-up of the main event held at 2009 WSOP US$10,000 kind of event relating to Texas and this was his first playing in WSOP.  He does not have any trainer whereas he taught himself about the game. He himself learned how to play the game poker.  At Maryland Panhandle, he ran a logging company, which is though small, before he earned the 2009 World Series seat.  He won the $130 satellite tournament.  He earned a chip lead at the tournament in the earlier stage and he entered the last table as a chip leader.

    Great player:

    Moon lost the lead briefly; he regained the lead after rejecting the veteran players.  He finished 2nd place at the WSOP.  He took part in 2010 NHP Championship however he lost in second round.  He competed in 2010 WSOP main event however he was being eliminated on second day.  He was born in the year 1963 and he is also a self-employed logger.  He earned the seat in 2009 World Series of Poker no-limit Texas hold ‘em main event after winning the $130 satellite tournament.

  • World Series of Poker WSOP 2009 Ep.30 – 5 cardplayertube.com

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  • The Unsung Hero of Poker

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    Undoubtedly, most iconic poker players hail from the sprawling US states, Erik Seidel domiciled who is currently denizen of Las Vegas, Nevada and has inconceivably triumphed in the poker industry along the years. His wide experience in the field of poker vouch for the substantial cash prizes he has earned, no wonder he has survived in the casino industry for decades. With the clandestine excellence that has helped him go a notch higher in the best players’ pedestal, his moves are intimately erratic. Not surprisingly, he is inclined to remain relevant and seems to be re-invigorating as he advances in age. A glance at various winnings he has accomplished would be imperative to gauge him accordingly.

    His initial WSOP bracelet back in 1992 was fortuitous, and also refined his potential by claiming it again recently in 2007. He has notably completed a first-place finish to get multiple bracelets in various games, encompassing Omaha, Deuce to-7 Draw and Hold’ em placing him among the top players  in the WSOP championships. The 6th season during the World Poker Tour, Seidel won the World Poker Tour for a humongous $992,890. His mettle was somehow diminished in the 2007 Aussie-Millions when he finished second. The next year, as if history was subtly repeating itself, he was second again, winning $1,000,000 at the same event. At these events it is rare for players to get to avert elimination. Thus, with his distinct skills that have enabled him to navigate the hurdles along his way, he is poised to achieve more.

    In 2011, this player was rated #1 incessantly for four weeks, in 2014 he has clung to the 6th position at the international poker plane. His ranking at the GPI depicts him as a top-notch. This year alone, he has shown his youthful and indefatigable spirit is yet to lose potency, with gross winnings beyond $19,200,000, a substantial share having been spoils from the WSOP prize jackpot. Poker enthusiasts understand him as an embodiment of a long-term and highly disciplined player who has accomplished a lot.