• The Unsung Hero of Poker

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    Undoubtedly, most iconic poker players hail from the sprawling US states, Erik Seidel domiciled who is currently denizen of Las Vegas, Nevada and has inconceivably triumphed in the poker industry along the years. His wide experience in the field of poker vouch for the substantial cash prizes he has earned, no wonder he has survived in the casino industry for decades. With the clandestine excellence that has helped him go a notch higher in the best players’ pedestal, his moves are intimately erratic. Not surprisingly, he is inclined to remain relevant and seems to be re-invigorating as he advances in age. A glance at various winnings he has accomplished would be imperative to gauge him accordingly.

    His initial WSOP bracelet back in 1992 was fortuitous, and also refined his potential by claiming it again recently in 2007. He has notably completed a first-place finish to get multiple bracelets in various games, encompassing Omaha, Deuce to-7 Draw and Hold’ em placing him among the top players  in the WSOP championships. The 6th season during the World Poker Tour, Seidel won the World Poker Tour for a humongous $992,890. His mettle was somehow diminished in the 2007 Aussie-Millions when he finished second. The next year, as if history was subtly repeating itself, he was second again, winning $1,000,000 at the same event. At these events it is rare for players to get to avert elimination. Thus, with his distinct skills that have enabled him to navigate the hurdles along his way, he is poised to achieve more.

    In 2011, this player was rated #1 incessantly for four weeks, in 2014 he has clung to the 6th position at the international poker plane. His ranking at the GPI depicts him as a top-notch. This year alone, he has shown his youthful and indefatigable spirit is yet to lose potency, with gross winnings beyond $19,200,000, a substantial share having been spoils from the WSOP prize jackpot. Poker enthusiasts understand him as an embodiment of a long-term and highly disciplined player who has accomplished a lot.

  • WSOP 2009 Main Event Final Table E01 Pt4

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  • World Series of Poker Europe 2009 Ep07 Main Event Pt05

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  • Playing Poker became more fun

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    Poker is now a world famous game. So famous that many people have started to play this game seriously and many among them are making their name through this game and earn fame as well. The combination of game and fame make any game attractive and compel you to play more. Moreover since there is a scope of earning quick and huge amount of money (so huge that you can perhaps live the rest of your life in luxury) many gamblers are also starting to consider taking this game up as their profession.

    And why wouldn’t they? Poker can make them rich and playing this card game gives them satisfaction as well. After all for most of us, earning low while doing an uninteresting job is much more boring than earning big while doing a job that you like. This is perhaps the most important formula of many rich and famous personalities of the world. They loved their job and did it with passion. Poker can make you super rich and sometimes with the right moves can even make you a millionaire overnight also. Many rich businessmen also see poker as not only a game of entertainment, but a way of earning huge money as well. The only difference is, the deals are made in millions of dollars, not in grand.

    Moreover, the legalization of this game has also made many people play this game more. Now you can even find places where people can play poker without having to involve money in between. By this way one can learn and develop the skills required to become a successful player and learn the tricks of the game. However since there is no money involved in such games, these places are not really recommended for the skilled players as they could try out their skills in the arena of WSOP.

  • Antonio Esfandiari-Professional Poker holding 3 WSOP bracelets

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    When you think of playing the games, there are plentiful games playable across the world, whereby none will forget the game of Poker. Poker game is simply the art of handling the cards where the trick can help the player to win, winning or meeting failure is purely dependent on the tricks which the professionals do handle while playing the game. The card playable along with the tricks is all about Poker. Poker is a game handled well by the professionals, where among these professional players, none will forget Antonio Esfandiari. Antonio Esfandiari is a Persian Poker professional who is familiar for his holding of 3 World Series of Poker bracelets and also 2 World Poker Tour Titles.

    Magician too:

    Antonio Esfandiari was born on December 8th 1978, who is a former professional magician. He is knowable for his chip tricks. Antonio Esfandiari did rank in the first place for one time tournament winnings. He also turned to have written the book under the title, The Magician’s secrets for Winning Tournaments on Insta Poker, which is a game meant for poker strategy for iOS. He was born in the place of Iran, whereby he attended his graduation from Del Mar High School by the year 1997. Due to the desire he had to become as a magician, he changed his name into Antonio Esfandiari originally it was Amir Esfandiari.

    Antonio Esfandiari turned winning the WSOP bracelets in the years which included 2004, 2012 and in 2012 E. The former game he played was $2000 Pot Limit Hold’em, $1, 000, 000 Big One for One Drop in 2012 and in 2012, €1100 No Limit Hold’em. Antonio Esfandiari turned winning the World Poker Tour Titles twice in the following years which included 2004 and 2010. His younger brother also plays the Poker game.

  • Retrouvailles avec Antoine Saout

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